How Expensive Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed annually in the United States. Last year over 300,000 women received liposuction, and additionally, over 30,000 men too also received liposuction!

As you can see, many people are able to afford the cost of liposuction, despite liposuction prices remaining something of a luxury for most people. Liposuction is certainly not cheap, and many would likely consider liposuction to be expensive, but not out of reach. With that in mind, let’s try and answer the question “How expensive is liposuction?”

To answer this question, 2 few points need to be clarified.

1. Liposuction refers to a technique and not one sole procedure related to one specific body part. In other words, liposuction can be performed all over the body to remove fat. Therefore, keep in mind that the cost or expense associated with liposuction relates very much to which area of the body is be treated (also known as the “treatment area”.)

2. Liposuction prices vary according to certain factors, the biggest two of which are the location of the clinic and the cosmetic surgeons fee. An area that has high real estate costs and a high cost of living, such as liposuction in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles Liposuction clinics, to give two examples, are likely to have a corresponding higher price range for liposuction costs. Conversely, areas that are more inexpensive to live in are likely to have liposuction clinics with more “average” or cheap liposuction prices, comparitatively.

With this in mind, the numbers tell us that the average price range of liposuction services goes from $1,500 to $7,000. It could be more than this, but it’s highly rare (and even somewhat suspicious) for liposuction prices to be below this range.

As mentioned, the area of the body largely reflects the price you will pay. The cheaper areas to have liposuction performed on include the thighs, hips, butt, back and arms. The most expensive liposuction procedures tend to be on the upper and lower abs or abdominal area and the breasts.

The truth is, it’s very hard to pin down a number to answer a question such as “How expensive is liposuction?” because the answer shifts according to so many variables that are unique to each person asking the question, such as their level of health, the amount of fat to be removed, the area to be treated, and the location of the clinic they’ll use.

The best way to answer this question would be to look online at the liposuction clinics in your city and see what there prices are! Then, go in for a personal consultation that reflects your health and your needs insofar as liposuction services.

Cheap Liposuction Prices and Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Can you really save money by traveling to another country and using local services which are cheaper than the cosmetic surgery and liposuction clinics in your country? Yes – you can save money by doing this. However, there are many things you should take into consideration and be aware of when mapping out such a plan involving one or more surgeries abroad. Let’s address these concerns and points one by one.

Here’s two great points about traveling to save money on the cost of liposuction.

1. You Could Potentially See Some Really Cool Places.
Cosmetic surgery tourism companies know that people love the idea of saving money by traveling for their surgery AND also going somewhere neat. This means your trip could be a vacation in and of itself, location wise. For instance, popular destinations for cosmetic surgery such as cheap liposuction include the Czech Republic, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, and Malaysia, no name just a few. As you can see, the potential for checking out a cool place is great.

2. You Could Potentially Save a Ton of Money.
Cosmetic surgery is expensive. Take a look at the liposuction prices list we have documented here on our lipo cost guideto see what we mean. Can you find liposuction doctors abroad who will do the same services for less? Yep – you sure can. This means you can absolutely save money doing the whole ‘medical tourism’ deal for cheap liposuction surgery.

For people going all out – and many do – getting multiple liposuction treatments, and other complimentary invasive, non-invasive plastic or cosmetic treatments too – in the same trip can mean a very large sum of money was saved against the cost of the same services in their home country. (Note that there are health and safety concerns to consider when seeking multiple treatments at once or in a short span of time. In the simplest of terms, the more surgery, the more risk, not to mention that it means a more intense post-surgery recovery period.)

And now that not so great factors to consider:

3. Concerns About Recovering.
The recovery period after liposuction warrants that patient relax, not be on their feet, and basically “take it easy”. This means most of all not to be stressed out, not to do any heavy lifting, or lots of walking or intense exercise. If you’re able to stay abroad for a week or longer, you can relax in the city you’re in quite easily, assuming you’ve taken care of your needs (food, etc) or have someone to help you. But if you’ve got to catch a flight – or two, or three – or miss a flight and stay overnight in a hotel, etc – that type of situation is not conducive to letting the body relax and heal itself.

4. It’s Much Harder to Research the Doctors Abroad.
When using the services of someone in your town, you can consult with them, their staff, and their customers, some of whom you might know and can tell you their personal experience in getting liposuction at the hands of the resident cosmetic surgeon. Trying to do the same for a clinic in half way across the world in Thailand or Prague is going to be a challenge. In other words, it’s much harder to get a feel for the clinic, the doctor, and to know about the reputation of their services before you are already committed to traveling to another country and spending a big chunk of change on those lipo services.

5. Can You Really Combine Surgery and Tourism?
Consider if you really want to combine a vacation style trip with liposuction. The truth is that you might not be physically up for doing any sight seeing and many of the other normal activities done on a vacation. If you’re getting work done on the face, there could be incisions, bruises, and swelling on your face too, making it harder to be “out and about.”

Take a good look at these 5 points when it comes to finding cheap liposuction prices abroad and what it means to travel abroad and use those services. For some, it’s the deal of the century, for others, it’s just not a good idea to mix “business with pleasure”, as they say, to save a few dollars on the cost of liposuction.

Liposuction Prices – Factors to Consider

The prices of different liposuction (or liposculpture) procedures vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Here are some aspects that must be taken into consideration by a patient when weighing up the differences in cost from various doctors who perform liposuction procedurse.

  • The number of areas on the body that patient wants treated

Patients going in for liposuction surgery will pay less per treatment if they get multiple treatments done. What this means is that if you go in for just thigh liposuction, the surgery for this is more expensive, per surgery, than if you also added on buttocks or abdominal liposculpture. Yes, you will spend more money total but save on costs on a per treatment basis. However, you will often need to add more than just a single additional body part or treatment in order to maximize savings – typically, you’ll need to cover 4 or more body parts to save money this way per treatment.

  • The total amount of fat to be removed from patients body

The more fat that is to be removed, the more expensive the cost of liposuction. This also means that the doctor will be responsible for more body contouring, thus the added expense the more fat that’s removed.

  • Anesthesiologist fee

Note that not all surgeries will require an anesthesiologist, but if needed, this will tack on another fee to the over cost of liposuction. (And possibly to help cover the cost of the average salary of an anesthesiologists, which is in the 6 figure+ range.)

  • Hospital Operating Room

Another factor that may or may not be applicable to your situation. If the surgery is performed in a hospital, then there might be some sort of Hospital Room fee that is passed on to the patient.

  • Geographic location of doctor

Cost of surgery varies by location, including city to city and state by state within the US as well as the differences in cost between US doctors and doctors in Europe. There are services for Americans to travel abroad to save money on liposuction procedures.

  • How much the patient weighs

There is a rising cost associated with a heavier patient.

  • The skill, experience, and reputation of the doctor performing liposuction

Certainly a huge factor when it comes to pinning down the real numbers for liposuction prices, the skill and experience of a doctor will have a lot to do with how much the procedure costs. The reputation of the doctor can certainly cause prices to go up, as a simple fact of supply and demand economics. In some places, such as Hollywood, probably home to more plastic surgeons and liposuction doctors than anywhere else, this can be especially true.

One question that people have a lot is this:

Can you really save money going abroad for liposuction treatments?

It depends. This question is generally oriented towards Americans thinking of traveling out of the USA and going to Europe for treatments. While some places, such as the Czech Republic, are known to have some very low prices for liposuction, the cost of airfare, hotels, food, transportation, and so on, typically wipes out any savings that look real on paper.

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